Monday, December 22, 2008

Find More Fairies

I started a book of New Year’s Resolutions quite a few years ago because I thought it would be funny to look back at The Beast’s resolutions. Of course, the child did not disappoint. My favorite from her first year was “find more fairies.” Not just “find fairies” but “find MORE fairies” which made me question her, in-depth, about her previous fairy finds.

The child has always been creative and, at that time, I was constantly finding little homes she had made for very small people tucked behind curtains on windowsills, nestled in bookshelves or in drawers cozily outfitted with little tiny home goods. I never thought that the child might be making these homes for little tiny people that she actually saw....

When she was even younger, she did have her make-believe friend, Sellabee--the amazing, invisible, dancing ant. I didn’t think it was too odd since I had a make-believe friend when I was little also..all be it, not unique like my daughter’s invisible, dancing ant.

Over the years The Beast’s resolutions have ranged from “Make a New Revolution” to “Daydream More” to “Grow Hair Longer” reflecting a rather non-American, non-driven outlook on life that my husband and I aspire to.

As it turns out, The Beast’s resolutions were not the funniest retrospect. Mine constant quest to get back in shape started with Year One: “Exercise Every Day “ (Pleasssse, like that was going to happen)
Year Two: “ Get back to a size 4”(had failure written all over it)
Year Three: a more vague “Get in Shape”
Year Four: “exercise more with family” (it’s not my fault they are lazy—those people never exercise)
Year Five: A more accepting resolution--”Feel better about body” (regardless of size and shape)
Funny...but in a sad way....

My husband resolutions matched his daughter’s in creativity and mine in the “doomed to failure” category, but we will not go into details.

However, hope springs eternal...I just got out the resolutions book... I am thinkin’ up some good ones for this year....I will never to give up!

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