Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Piggy Kids

“Look at all those fat children!” the mom next to me said, just a little too loudly in a clipped English accent, as I watched my six year Beast belt out It is a Small World After All at one of those conveniently timed middle-of-the-day school concerts.

Turning to my opinionated, and foreign, friend I said: “um...just an idea...those fat kids probably have moms in the audience...perhaps even next to us...and numerous studies have shown that fat kids come from fat parents...so....chances are—they will be bigger than us and angry at us”

But the woman was right...I would say a quarter of the kids were FAT. Not chubby or pleasingly plump, but really uncomfortably pudgy.

I might have mentioned before—I live in an artsy-fartsy town and god forbid a child is criticized for ANYTHING. However, I feel it is important to let children know if they are acting inappropriately. My parents are/were from Boston and in Massachusetts it is common to hear a parent yell out to a child, in public-- “Don’t be stupid!” or after a kid has done something stupid...like breaking her arm to say: “Oh! That was clever! That was using your brain.” Which...I still feel is just fine. But heaven help you if you even have a stern voice when the kid is almost run over by a car in this town....The Child Welfare Office will be notified and the SWAT team for Child Self Esteem will charge in.

It is true that my daughter pretends not to be with me in museums because...honestly if the parents are not going to control their kids in public someone has to...so I turn into what my brother refers to as—Nazi Mom.

At one of the Beast’s birthday party I was almost stoned by a group of sensitive mothers when I was in my Nazi Mom mode and said to child guest: “Emily! Don’t be piggy! “ and slapped away the chubby little hand as it reached across the smaller pieces of pizza to grab its third large slice. Three mom heads bobbed up from various locations at the table full of kids with horror in there eyes. In an attempt to cover my faux pas I said: “remember—we still have cake.” But REALLY—the child understood—She WAS being piggy. Kids need to know there are boundaries and parents are here to let them know NOT TO BE PIGGY.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

What Cartoon Character are You?

I just came back from a short workshop on how to interview people...mainly for focus groups...it turns out...but it was interesting none the less. A few of the intro type questions you pose to people to get them comfortable and thinking and perhaps give you a little insight in to the subject are questions like: “What type of shoe would you be? “ or “Are you an Ernie or a Bert?” or “ What cartoon character would you be?” It was odd when the woman posed the cartoon question I immediate thought—"I am Linus." Which is odd...because I am not even that fond of Charlie Brown and frankly...I would much rather be Lucy or Peppermint Patty.
Of course the REAL trick for using this “technique” is get the interviewee to say WHY they feel that they are this like this cartoon character...I guess for me it is the need for comfort—love the blanket accessory, I am the youngest in my family but sometimes have the feeling that I am the calmest in the clan, and I am passionate about things that not everyone else has faith in...
So what cartoon character are YOU?
Snowy? Tin Tin? Totoro? Dill Pickles? Veronica? Fred Flintstone? Marcy?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lazy Mom tips for Saving

Let’s be honest...clipping coupons has its joys, but when it comes right down to it, who is THAT organized to figure out what is on sale and what is the correct product for the coupon...”oh...sorry you need to buy the cheese injected hot dogs to get 75 cents off.” I mean Honestly...like we have time to figure out only the “pleated” Ziplock bags qualify for the discount...I am proud of myself for picking up the right brand—who knew HOW many companies make ziplock bags...but call them something else...

In an effort to help fellow moms deal with the recession, sans coupons, I have come up with helpful money saving tips for lazy moms that I will be sharing over the next few weeks.
Here is one:
Saving Tip #67--Buy in bulk.
Especially wine. Always buy wine by the case. They normally give you a 10-20% discount. Ignore the looks the clerks give you.
True...one tends to go through wine faster if you have a stock in your basement, but in these hard economic times—what else can one do but cheerfully forge on.