Saturday, September 26, 2009

What Cartoon Character are You?

I just came back from a short workshop on how to interview people...mainly for focus turns out...but it was interesting none the less. A few of the intro type questions you pose to people to get them comfortable and thinking and perhaps give you a little insight in to the subject are questions like: “What type of shoe would you be? “ or “Are you an Ernie or a Bert?” or “ What cartoon character would you be?” It was odd when the woman posed the cartoon question I immediate thought—"I am Linus." Which is odd...because I am not even that fond of Charlie Brown and frankly...I would much rather be Lucy or Peppermint Patty.
Of course the REAL trick for using this “technique” is get the interviewee to say WHY they feel that they are this like this cartoon character...I guess for me it is the need for comfort—love the blanket accessory, I am the youngest in my family but sometimes have the feeling that I am the calmest in the clan, and I am passionate about things that not everyone else has faith in...
So what cartoon character are YOU?
Snowy? Tin Tin? Totoro? Dill Pickles? Veronica? Fred Flintstone? Marcy?


JGH said...

There are so many of these crazy quizzes on facebook. "Which Hayao Miyazaki character are you?" was a recent one. Do you remember Kiki's cat played by Phil Hartman? I wanna be him!

LazyMom said...

OMG--I think that is why I resist going on to facebook...too cute.
Hey, What happened to The Nyack Daily Photo? I miss, of course, the Procrastinator.

Proud Procrastinator said...

I can't stand Charlie Brown but I think I am him. Him or Cartman (South Park).