Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lying about Facebook

“What do you look at on my Facebook page?” She asked. “You don’t spend a lot of time on it, but I can tell you visit because of the software I installed.”

My first thought was: “These annoyingly clever kids.” My second thought was—“Do I lie or tell the truth?” I lied. “Oh I just check for bad words….you know—THAT and other mom stuff.”

The truth is…I look at her friends sites, because—you know—my obsession with her friends. I especially look at the boys that are friended. I am see a smattering of boys from school, but a growing number from that Quaker Camp we sent her to in the middle of no-where Pennsylvania …Those damn Quakers with their sensitivity and non-violence…bound to attract young and impressionable girls.

These are boys who play Frisbee and go to charter schools in Philadelphia…and probably have video blogs…. These are the boys I worry about.

I will continue to look for mom-stuff on her Facebook page—I can only hope the software does not become smarter.


JGH said...

I really did not want to know about that software. My spying days are numbered!

LazyMom said...

I know...then we just have to tell the truth...

Proud Procrastinator said...

Become an administrator. I am not the Queen's friend, but I see everything she does. No administrator privileges for mom, no facebook, period. This allows me to delete an inappropriate post as well as warn of pulling facebook should another one find itself on her profile.

But I must admit, I scan the Queen's "Home" page regularly. I'm sure there's a voyeur aspect, but a responsible mom does need to make sure there's no cyberbullying going on, doesn't she?

LazyMom said...

Tell me more...Ms. IT mom.