Wednesday, February 16, 2011

She's Back....

The Beast is back!

Just when I thought I could breathe easy and talk about my parental angst about things like:

1) Should I attempt to talk about contraceptives one more time or will it turn her into a nun due to the grossness factor, or perhaps, will it make her more intrigued about the whole process?

2) Is it okay to go to high school parent orientation either with a travel cup full of wine or down a glass ahead of time? The only reason why I ask is that I feel I would have had a much better time at those seemly endless kindergarten orientations if I had brought a bottle of wine for all us nervous moms.

And there are many more issues I want to discuss, but alas…I must go to that high school orientation.


The Beast said...

Lie-ay, you're still at home! :) Better get going!

JGH said...

LOL- let me know what you decided - Can't believe the Beast is going to HIGH SCHOOL!!!

LazyMom said...

Beast--do your homework!

JGH--like the Kindergarten orientation--the right decision would have been not to go. But if you must--wine would have been a good idea.