Thursday, August 27, 2009

Divorce--Just Say No

Is it a surprise to any wife that a man will announce he plans to do something and then not lift a finger?
I think this is the reasoning behind many women’s annoyance with the OTHER WOMAN rather than their own cheating husbands when the husband announces that he wants a divorce. Because wives KNOW without the other woman doing the work, the man would just lie on the couch at home and just complain.

My friends and I were talking about The Modern Love piece, “Those Aren’t Fighting Words, Dear“ by Laura A. Munson in the New York Times several weeks ago. Her husband announced that he wanted out of the marriage, but she just kept on telling him that she “didn’t buy it.” Apparently a lot of people felt she was brave or a doormat or both, but my take is...I am not sure. I am not sure how I would feel. I don’t think I could contain my rage. However, she obviously wanted to save the marriage and knew in her gut that by not doing anything—nothing would get done. Because one must remember—”men need CONSTANT direction.” Because if you are not flying into a rage and ringing up a divorce lawyer.... Do you think Mr. Dopey is going to do it?

Of course I cannot help but go back to the wise Ms. PR who has told her husband many a time “Darling, I can see myself as a widow, but never a divorcee—just a tip.”

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