Sunday, August 9, 2009

What Happens at Camp--Stays at Camp

”NUDITY?” I queried the mother in-line ahead of me as I waited to pay one last bill in order to release The Beast from this camp in the middle of the wilderness.

“Oh yes...” the mother said nodding in a conspirator’s gesture —”on the boys side it is common practice to sprint across the field buck-naked from the shower house to the bunks…but I guess the girls hang out nude during most of their free time.”

“And just how does your 12 year old son know about this practice on the ‘Girls’ Side’ of the camp?” I ventured.

“Well” she explained to clear her son’s name “I told a friend about the camp because my son loves it here and her daughter came and the daughter was horrified by all the nudity on the girls’ side of the camp.”

The Beast is very closed mouth, unlike her mother. So any little insight into her world is welcome…usually…

Interesting, I thought, ...that explains the Beast and her fellow camp friends’ free and easy dancing through the YMCA locker room in nothing other than their towels...around their necks.

Cornering The Beast at home...I mentioned my new knowledge of the Girls Side at Camp. Apparently there was A LOT I did not know and for some reason the child was suddenly willing to divulge ALL such as the games that the older campers play. She started to describe one game that at first explanation sounded like a hybrid of Spin the Bottle, British Bull Dog and Tag. As my eyes glazed over as I tried, in vain, to erase the image of my baby kissing A BOY...the Beast starts to explain the game to me AGAIN...more slowly this time...since I was obviously not getting it. BUT I AM getting it...I am getting it all too well...I stop her....

“Please...please...” I say as I silenced my beautiful beast, who is now almost my height, with a kiss and a hug.

I tell her. “What happens at camp, stays at camp--let’s go see the new Harry Potter movie before you are too old for it. “

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JGH said...

Hmmmm, maybe we need to re-think the "Quakers"...
And to think just a few years ago we were amused by nudity on playdates (sob!)