Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Teen Bra Heaven--Aerie

This is a public service announcement for all moms with tween/teen daughters.

We all know the initial excitement of getting the first bra soon fades…especially when Target’s girls section is no longer an option--things become a little more complicated. And what shopping experience can be worse than being the mother of a tween/teen looking for a bra—let me tell you…not too many.

After a quick look at Lord and Taylors where their bra selection seemed limited to push-ups and dowager LARGE cups styles, we tried H & M—too sexy, Victoria Secret’s…no way. I was just about call it quits at the mall and take The Beast into the Town Shop on the Upper Westside—until we came across Aerie—the prefect mix between J Crew and Victoria Secret’s—a sort of clean-cut sexy—if that is possible.

A fresh faced girl in jeans and t-shirt showed us the their system. They have drawers of bras categorized by chest and cup size —so you can try on every style they carry in your size in one sitting. There is a little call button in the dressing room so you can call for assistance without getting dressed and tracking down the sales person and all the bra styles are named with girl names. Once you find the style you like—you just go to that rack, pick your size and your favorite colors. It is brilliant and simple.

Three bras and $75 later--happy daughter and relived mother.


Michele said...

Makes me seriously glad I had boys. Than again there is that whole jock strap issue. That's where dad's come in.

LazyMom said...

OMG--I never even thought of the jock strap issues.

JGH said...

I HATE bra shopping. Do they have "mom" sizes, too??!

I've been spared the joy of this activity with the daughter so far, but I'm sure it will be soon and it will be agonizing. Good to know about this place.

Priya Kundu said...

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