Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday Weigh-In

The winner is…(Drum roll):
Ms. HR and Ms. Smarty-Pants Scientist
They tied—both reduced their BMI by 1.5.
CONGRATULATIONS! A really, really cool prize is on its way to you…as soon as I figure out what it is…

And perhaps they are thinking it is just sour grapes on our part, but the rest of us…me and my one pound/.2 BMI reduction and the others from the Sloth Club feel that we need a different method—so the new diet challenge beginning TODAY is percentage body weight. Send your weight to me at The competition will end June 10th giving us 4 months to recreate that perfect body.

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XUP said...

Thanks for finding and commenting on my blog today. I don't know why you're calling yourself Lazy Mom though - just scrolling through your posts and all stuff you're up to is making me tired.