Saturday, April 18, 2009

Flying with Tinker Bell--Parenting and PR

The Eighth Wonder of the World in my book was the transformation of a child from a screaming brat into an adorable budding novelist in just a few short minutes by my friend, Ms. PR. It happened many years ago when our daughters were still very young.

Her child was clinging to a life sized doll of Tinker Bell in the Disney store. Ms. PR explained to the small girl—”Sweetheart, our house is so small that we will have to ask daddy to move out if you want to bring that Tinker Bell doll home. “ This, of course, did not phase on the child. “Daddy can visit.”

Not panicked, but I could tell her mind was nimbly trying to work out a plan when she spotted IT--a sparkling pencil....shining at the check-out counter...her Holy Grail. Ms. PR grabbed the pencil and nonchalantly said to her little girl--”Oh—I was sorting hoping we could buy this magic pencil instead.” The child loosened her grip on the doll... attracted, as all small girls are, to anything that sparkles.

Ms. PR waved the pencil like a magic wand in front of the mesmerized child. “Do you want to hear about the magic pencil?” asked the dark witch...ops...I mean Ms. PR. And I could tell...she was STILL thinking of a spin, of an angle that would make this $1.99 pencil more interesting than the hideous and hideously expensive doll. The child, now mouth open and totally engrossed in the pencil, shook her head YES--unable to even speak. “This pencil is very, very special. With this MAGIC pencil we can write to the REAL Tinker Bell and she will come to you in your dreams and you will fly together just like Peter Pan and Wendy “ The child let go of the doll and reached out to “magic pencil’ and she was happy with her choice.

It just goes to show that it is all about perspective.

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