Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Well-Healed Mommies

Although I would rather live in the city, I am happy that I live in a relatively wealthy suburb because of the great schools, wonderful libraries and pretty houses. However, sometimes, between the kids getting Range Rovers for their 16th birthdays and the Bar Mitzvahs in Israel, I become tired.

They are nice...very nice, but I still TRY to avoid the well-healed mommies....because REALLY...how can you not be bitter when you are sitting in a huge kitchen, overlooking a sea of marble countertop and wondering if that is a custom Viking Stove because it actually looks bigger than the other ones you have seen in other houses in this god forsaken suburban hell. Of course to add to my joy at this “mother-daughter invitation only book club" that brought me to this perfect kitchen...the hosting mom mentions that she identifies with a character in the book who was once rich and lost all her money. She said she understands what it is like to have a lot of money and then not have as much. I can only assume that their 401K (or what ever the wealthy have) suffered in the economic downturn and their retirement plan to go to Capri had to be rethought to perhaps the...Bahamas. Oh the horror.


Proud Procrastinator said...

Oh boy. Well, all's I know is I don't know one viking stove from another, but if I had enough money to get one, I order out every night instead.

JGH said...

I'd rather have chickens than a Viking stove.

Michele said...

My sister lives in the west coast version of this same town. Isn't sad that with the poor economy they just can't afford to heat their pool through the winter.

Thanks for visiting the blog today.

LazyMom said...

I would rather take a trip to Barcelona.