Saturday, October 31, 2009

F*cking Dinner

Let’s be honest—cooking dinner night after night is an endless chore. No one wants to be stuck with it...other than Ms. Church Lady who is, of course, a chef at heart.

The husband and I take turns cooking dinner. We did not come to this place of equity easily...because as I have mentioned before...marriage did not come easily to us—both being selfish and lazy. But we finally reached this agreement that one of us would provide dinner one night and the other would provide dinner the following night.

Please notice the wording..not COOK, but PROVIDE.

Invited over to someone’s house for dinner and it is my night to cook—SCORE! His mom has made an extra lasagna —he will hide this noteworthy information until it is is his turn to cook.

This agreement fulfills so many of our needs...providing a family dinner for The Beast (studies have shown it is important), feeding our overly competitive relationship, and fueling our creativity.

Just in case your are wondering...we are available for dinner—Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday.....


Catskill Snap said...

Good post. I only feel like cooking 2 (at the very most) "complete" dinners per week and now I look at cookbooks in a leisurely way. But with kids I just mechanically provided 6 -7 home-cooked, well-planned, nutritious dinners per week. What a difference kids make. You never have leftovers either, until they go off to college, then you find yourself eating leftovers for your breakfast the next morning.

LazyMom said...

I never really cooked before having a kid. At first it seemed like a chore, but if there is enough time it can be very meditative.

Proud Procrastinator said...

I only like to cook things that my family doesn't eat. It's a great system, really, because then my husband cooks more.