Friday, January 15, 2010

Fitness Friday--2 Weeks to Go!

Is everyone back on track with eating right and exercising? Good for YOU!

I am still wallowing in self-loathing. Of course, I blame Ms. Seize the Moment for feeding me a meal with enough calories to nourish a small nation for a day. Those foodies—they are very tricky with their claims: “ Olive oil is good for your, dark chocolate—it is almost health food….” 10,000 calories later I am lying on my couch in a comatose state of caloric overload. Thank you Ms. Seize the Moment. That woman will do anything to win the competition.

The trick…apparently…is not to give up…at least that is what my self-help books tell me.

In times like this I think of Ms. Filmmaker’s English mother who never pulled her punches about “disgustingly fat people.” Oh…the ever sensitive English, of course, it is far more difficult to turn down a piece of lasagna oozing with fresh, melted mozzarella than a piece of toast with the tar-like Marmite spread on it.


Pam J. said...

Try not to wallow. It's HARD these days. Too much good food available (to those of us lucky enough not to be in Haiti...poor souls). I also do the caloric overload thing more often than I like, but here's one trick I play on myself: On the day after an overload I go as long as I can into the day without eating anything. Around about 4 or 5 my stomach complains and then I let myself eat. But it always feels good to accomplish a mini-fast after a seize-the-moment eating frenzy. (I'll never give up those eating frenzies---too delicious!)

Proud Procrastinator said...

I went through all the holidays, parties, etc. without indulging in one delicious dessert, even after starving all day just so I could eat at the affairs.

Then I crashed. I'll assess the damages in the morning...I'm assuming I'm back to square one. But I'm not giving up!

Proud Procrastinator said...
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LazyMom said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement. I like the mini-fast concept. I think with the idea that a nice meal is ahead--one can push through the nagging desire for a handful of nuts or those taunting cup-cakes that The Beast insists on baking on chilly weekends.

Blue Iris said...

English Mom's favorite brand of yeast extract: Bovril.

Just saying it ... "bov-rill" ...makes me cringe.