Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fitness Friday--A Day Late

I must confess--I actually GAINED a pound since the last time we spoke. But I am back on track…now that I finished my final holiday bon-bon….
I also read a few articles in the New York Times about weight loss and one article pointed out that slower heart rate exercises are better for burning fat than intense exercise that is better at burning carbs . So if you want to sprint off that pizza you just ate—fine. However, if you are trying to lose the saddle bags on your thighs—a long, long walk is more effective.
Anyone up for a long, long, walk in this cold, cold weather? Not me. But soon.


Michele said...

I join the gym at work and actually worked out 3 days last week. That elliptical will kick your butt. Hopefully!

LazyMom said...

show-off. I have been lying on my couch sipping wine.