Saturday, January 30, 2010

FItness Friday/Saturday--Last Day

I am SO sleepy. This cold weather has just slowed me down completely. That and my new found passion for baking bread (How crunchy is THAT?). Anyhoo…YAWN…the first phase of the competition ends tomorrow.

Since I do not have a scale I had to run to Ms. PR house this afternoon to do a quick weigh-in and to my surprise…I had not gain weight as I suspected. I actually lost A POUND! Okay, okay—granted it was 13 pounds short of what my goal was…but I am not giving up. In fact--Ms. Seize the Moment, Ms. HR, Ms. Proud Procrastinator and I are continuing on in our quest for the perfect body. However, this time we are doing percentage of weight lost rather than BMI or poundage.

So the final day is Sunday for the Phase I competition…so please send your final BMI number (in strictest confidence) to and I will crown the winner tomorrow.

Not to scare anyone off—but Ms. HR came back with her new BMI and she has dropped 1.5 BMI numbers. I, on the other hand, have dropped .2 BMI.

If you want to join phase II of the Iron Mom competition—please e-mail your weight (again in strictest confidence ) to .


Blue Iris said...

Is it too late to be IN on this?

I just came back from Puerto Rico where the warm weather and a lazy, stress-free week definitely kick-started my weight loss plan.

Here's how it works:
• Wake up... whenever
• Stare at the ocean
• Eat a big breakfast with several cups of café con leche
• Stare a bit more at the ocean
• Run along the beach
• Jump in the ocean
• Avoid doing much during the heat of the day
• Get all dolled up for dinner and dancing
• Repeat

Pam J. said...

What kind of bread are you making? For about 5 months I've been making the NYTimes No-Knead bread almost daily. Easy and heavenly, especially with butter.

LazyMom said...

Yo Blue Iris--send in your weight to to join the competition and then expect a dinner invite from the fiercely competitive Ms. Seize the Moment.
And your weight-loss plan is similar the Beast's request to go back to Paris since we all lost weight with all the walking we did.

Hey Pam,
I had a hankering for the smell of bread baking ever since the temperature dropped...someone suggested The Joy of Cooking had some easy basic recipes--the regular white bread was great and the raisin bread was huge hit too. The wholewheat bread from locally grown flour--not much love. I actually like the kneading.