Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sex and Marriage

Did you have sex before you married daddy?

It is odd how you never anticipate questions like these—they just come out of the blue. We were watching the PBS News Hour...not even one of those none rated foreign films --“How should I know there was a 15 minute sex scene?”...that lingered artfully, yet explicitly over young French bodies entangled in passion? I say with my eyes to my glaring husband as we try, unsuccessfully, to distract the open mouthed, totally engage Beast from the on-screen copulation. Did that DVD provoke any questions—NO...not a one. I guess it just goes to show that PBS is truly thought provoking—it was a story on the News Hour about why teaching abstinence before marriage to teens does not work. Surprise, surprise....

I, of course, ignored the Beast’s question and looked at the TV attempting to bide time to think of a true, but sanitized answer. The only thing that came to mind was--Hello...I married your father when I was better believe I had sex before that. “Well?” she said...

I started...”Your father and I married rather late in life and we had many adventures before we found one another yes. I did have boyfriends and sex before I married daddy....after I got my degree...and I always used condoms for protection...” ( was not completely true.)

The Beast then turned to the smirking Husband. “How about you daddy? “
The Husband’s face changed to serious and he looked The Beast in the eye and said: “No. Mommy was the first person I ever had sex with.”

Pleassssee...If there was a god listening a lightening bolt would have struck the house.


JGH said...

I admire you for even trying to answer. Our sex conversations usually go something like this:

CHILD: Did you ever *%&#*@ with Daddy?

ME: None of your business.

CHILD: That means "Yes"!

LazyMom said...
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Avid Reader said...

I love JGH's conversations with child--so familiar.