Sunday, February 15, 2009

Passion, Obsession and Martha Stewart

My mother-in-law gave me a subscription to the Martha Stewart magazine when I first married her son. I didn’t take it personally...although in retrospect—perhaps I should have. However, my mother-in-law was always so nice to me...describing recipes, in detail, right down to what the stove looked liked and how to turn it on....I can’t believe the gift was anything more than sharing her passion for cooking with me.

I had never heard of Martha Stewart before....of course, why should I—I didn’t have a TV when I lived in the city and the thought of “housekeeping” or even “housework” never even occurred to me.

But it was love at first sight when I opened the magazine. I was IN LOVE with Martha Stewart. I loved her ideas, I loved her bitchiness, but most of all I loved her obsessions...I guess I am always impressed by people who have an overwhelming matter what that passion is for. Cinemanics ....I totally understand them. Those people in the middle of the country who do crop art . Monks—how much passion must they have to renounce the joys of common everyday life.

My whole family is passionate. My husband has many passions, but he hates when I mention him. Although I have to say his photo series, Sponge Bob in Paris is truly an obsessive and inspired body of work.

The Beast also has many passions--mostly involving scissors, an inordinate amount of paper and LOTS of glue. I came home one day to find that she had cut and stitched her curtains into costumes for her dolls. What can one do? One cannot stifle creativity.

I wonder sometimes about the children who are so scheduled with lessons and sports and playdates—do they have time to tap into their inner passions? Do any of us have time to sit and think and obsess about something that is truly meaningful to us? Something that we are are truly passionate about?


The Stiletto Mom said...

I heart Martha...but I do have a hard time with some of her you? I love, love, love the decorating ideas though!

As for the overscheduled kids, we have one that is but her passion (God help me) is gymnastics and cheerleading so I guess it all works out. Not so much for me, but for her. :)

Thanks for coming by my blog last week!

Dumdad said...

In other words, let kids be kids and they'll find things to do (and I don't mean TV, TV, computer, TV). Your daughter's creative streak is great: but there's always suffering in art and the curtains suffered!

LazyMom said...

Stiletto Mom,
I stumbled on your pug post a few weeks ago...heart-shaped present and all...fell in love with your blog. Martha? Recipes? Pleasssee--I purely steal her invite and party ideas.
Gymnastics---the worst...if you are not waiting patiently on bleachers you are driving the little monsters to competitions.

Living in Paris! What could be better for creative kids? One need just walk down the street. Although I feel NYC is a close second because we stay open later.

Captain Dumbass said...

Kids need time to be themselves and discover what they like rather than what mom and dad think they should like.

Controlling My Chaos said...

After reading this, I'm going to start referring to myself as PASSIONATE instead of obsessive and compulsive. Perfect!

Thanks for stopping by my blog.