Friday, December 4, 2009

Fitness Friday--5 Weight Loss Tips from Ms. PR.

Hey Slimming Slackers,

Since I did NOT get ONE diet tip from ANYONE …the prize will not be awarded.

Here are some tips from the ALREADY slender MS. PR to keep us going….
1) Don’t be afraid to throw food away—especially bad food. True—we hate to waste, but REALLY putting extra pounds on your thighs is NOT saving the planet. If you find that you can get by with just eating half your breakfast sandwich—give the other half away. Or if you feel you need the protein of the egg—just toss the top half of the roll—you still have all the taste and protein minus 100 calories of bun. The same goes for desserts—offer to share or just toss half.

2) Take snacks with you. If you are organized and have a modicum of self-control--bag a few small fun snacks to have with you at all times so you will not be tempted to run into Starbucks and get that 5,000 calorie chocolate, caramel, nut cookie bar to go with your skim milk latte. OR, if need be--Buy those little snack packs—sure they are bad for the environment, but when you lose weight—you will be helping the earth by taking up less room.

3) Don’t hesitate to take the stairs—it will give you exercise and make you look energetic and young, plus there is that added calorie burn.

4) If you find yourself eating something that you do not TRULY enjoy with all your heart—stop immediately. Put down that left over toast from your child’s breakfast, that store bought cookie that some evil person left on your desk. Only eat truly enjoyable calories.

5) Remember—denial is a bad thing—limit food, but don’t deny yourself pleasures. Make a list of non-negotiable food that you cannot give up. For me this would be coffee, with whole milk and sugar, good bread and red wine. I just need to adjust my food intake accordingly—so I only drink coffee during the day and have a huge dinner.

Next week’s challenge—send in your favorite exercise tips…

Prize for next week—exercise DVD by Jullian Michaels “Trouble Zones” She has some wonderful butt and ab exercises!


Proud Procrastinator said...

I didn't send in my weight loss tips because I knew you would post them.

Good tips from Ms. PR. Regarding tip 4) - I agree but I have been successful in the past on scavenger diets. There is so much freaking food around all the time and I was trained with that waste-not, want-not mentality, that sometimes its hard not to pass it up. So one summer I ate nothing but what was leftover from my daughter's meals and free stuff like samples at Costco and food brought in by my coworkers. If there was nothing available I did not eat. It actually worked, but probably isn't the healthiest diet.

Michele said...

Okay, I screwed up. Here is a link to 1 Weight Watcher points snacks.

I love WW points. It really works for me.

I've got only 1 exercise tip. Keep doing it. Then you are only sore once instead of every time you start and stop. Now, if I would only follow my own tip I'd be in the money.

Proud Procrastinator said...

I just thought I'd share this very inspiring article (mostly because it confirms everything we already know works):

My 1st exercise tip is variety. It is easy to get sick of doing the same thing every day so I alternate. I have a loose schedule (hike/yoga weekends; swim M; row W/F; jog T/TH), but I also think about what I really want to do when I wake up in the morning.

My 2nd exercise tip is music and podcasts. Sometimes I extend exercising just to hear the end of whatever I'm listening to.

My 3rd is scenery. It's hard to think your anything but lucky looking around at beautiful surroundings - like the sun rising over the Hudson River.

LazyMom said...

I LOVE the scavenger diet...although there are so many catered meetings where I work--I would just bloat up.

I do like the weight watcher's idea of not denying, but just making sure that you count everything that you eat.

And ALL I have to say about Proud P's exercise routine is OMG--I better get on the ball--I have just been lifting some dumbbells and doing a few sit-ups.

Ms. Smarty Pants Scientist said...

I completely agree that variety is fundamental for keeping exercise going. I would go nuts doing the same thing every day. However, being the boring person I am, I need routine as well. I always exercised regularly, even when my weight was climbing up, so I needed to take to the next level. I now have tough exercise routine with lots of variety, that I've been keeping and is working well.

Shawn said...

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