Monday, December 21, 2009

Underage Drinking versus Violent Death--Which is Worse?

I am not that thrilled about the DARE program…mainly because I don’t like police in the schools AND they talk about alcohol like it is a bad thing…ANY amount of alcohol. But I have to say…WHATEVER those police officers are saying to those kids… IT is having an impact.

The other day I was at our infamous Mother-Daughter Book Club discussing yet ANOTHER disturbing “Young Adult” read called Catching Fire. If you have a tween/teen at home—I am sure you are all too familiar with this Sci Fi series. It is set in a bleak future after the world has been ravaged by the effects of global warming. The plot is slightly complicated, but the bottom line is that the world of this book is rather hostile and oppressive and the main event of the first book was the Hunger Game--a game in which children from different districts of this new society are forced to fight one another to the death.

Of course the graphic nature of the deaths and the various other examples of man’s inhumanities to man in the book were all taken in with a blasé “we have seen/read it all before” attitude by the girls in the book group. Yet, oddly enough—a scene in the book that the mothers did not even really take note of (because we are obviously drunks by DARE standards) shocked the girls.

The scene in question was when the main character, a teenage girl was given a bottle of alcohol by an adult so that she could get drunk and drown her sorrows. This act, above all the other horrors the book illustrated, was greeted by the girls with: “can you believe that?!” and “Oh My God! What was he thinking-- giving her alcohol!” Go figure. How did underage drinking somehow become worse than murder?

I have to say—Hats Off to the police. Could the police please start a program about helping out at home and getting homework done on time?

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