Friday, December 11, 2009

Fitness Friday--Exercise Tips

In order to save time I will distilled the exercise tips that I have received so far

Proud Procrastinator and Smarty Pants Scientist are both strong believers in a variety of exercise so as not to get bored doing the same old thing day in and day out. However, their “variety of exercise” sounds more like an “Iron Man Contest” than anything I would even consider doing—They SO Driven. So they Lose!

Michele, who did not join the contest, but who always has positive suggestions—says: Just KEEP doing it. Sort of like Nike’s Just Do It…but with more oomph. I like the tip, but she is NOT in the contest…so she can’t win.

Ms. Seize the Moment--I am not completely sure what her thoughts on exercise are because her e-mails to me are SO FULL of expletives and it is hard to cull the information out from ALL the naughty words—who knew weight-loss was SO emotionally charged? Although I did not ask for a “Helpful” tips about exercise—it was implied. And I would share Ms. Seize the Moment’s rants because they are fun, but the sheer volume of curse words prevented me.

My exercise tip is not to make it a big deal—just unroll your yoga mat and start doing some crunches. If your don’t have time to do 30 minutes of exercises—screw it—work on the areas you obsess about—for me: Saddle bag thighs, jelly belly and wings of flesh on my arms. If you have time to do more—it is just a bonus. Although I think my tip is excellent for its laziness quality, I believe the best tip came from Ms. HR.

Ms. HR believes that ideally you should walk before you eat. If you are going out to lunch—walk to the restaurant and walk back. Before dinner—take a walk. Simple and easy. No exercise equipment needed, no plans, just move your butt. She is the winner!

As soon as I find the DVD, “Trouble Zones” by Juliann Michaels-- it will be shipped off to Ms. HR. And I must say…I saw Ms. HR at one of those annoying school events and she looked MARVELOUS! Congratulations!


Proud Procrastinator said...

Congrats to Ms. HR. By the way, I've never stopped exercising, fat or thin, still driven. Exercise doesn't make you skinny. Starvation does. BMI this week - 26.2 - down 1.5%. Though I might have calculated wrong - I'm a little lightheaded...

LazyMom said...

OMG--Ms. Seize the Moment and I better stop whining and start sabotaging some diets...I am calling Dee Maria's for a pizza delivery right now--what is your address again?
It is true about exercise--I have been doing exercises with weights--and I swear my butt is getting bigger...