Monday, November 23, 2009

The Competition is ON!

Although we are already beautiful—OF COURSE--We are all going to be trim and in shape in a few months!

The contestants are Proud Procrastinator, Ms. Seize the Moment, Ms. Smarty-Pants-Scientist, Ms. HR and…ME.

Ms. PR , who is actually proud and happy with her current weight has offered give us some tips. So thoughtful of her…

Ms. Smarty-Pants Scientist wants to come up with a different formula than the percentage body weight thing… so I told her to send us the formula to plug in the numbers—because frankly, just figuring out my percentage body weight was a challenge. (I AM the mom who started looking for a math tutor for my daughter in 4th grade because the math homework was already too hard for me. )

Just about everyone is already on the fast track to losing weight. Ms. HR is on a VERY calorie restrictive diet and is walking A LOT. Ms. Smarty-Pants Scientist has been doing all sorts of training. I think Proud Procrastinator is jogging. Ms. Seize the Moment and I seem to be the only slackers/whiners.

Last chance to join. The first prize I am giving away on Friday…or maybe Saturday will be a copy of Get Your Body Back: Lose Weight, Gain Energy, and Get Fit After Having Your Baby By Anita Weil Bell


Michele said...

I started the shred video today. OMG, my thighs are screaming.

LazyMom said...

I know! I did the first work out and I was quick, I was sweaty--seems ok, but the next morning I thought I was coming down with the flu because my whole body ached...until I realized it was my lazy muscles waking up.

Proud Procrastinator said...

How do we win the 1st prize? Shred video sounds intense...I better get something more a little more motivating to listen to while jogging - "This American Life" can't compete with the abs on Jillian.

LazyMom said...

Prizes...well while we are waiting for the formula from Ms. Scientist--how about the best diet tip that has worked for you. Send them to
To be judged on humor and originality.