Friday, November 20, 2009

Fitness Friday!

Okay—I was going to call it something else—something less positive, but I have been reading books about being more positive and being less sarcastic—so I have been basically mute the last few days in order to practice this new: if you have nothing NICE to say, say nothing at all.

The gantlet has been thrown down by the Proud Procrastinator and Ms. Seize the Moment, who is SO competitive I cannot take yoga classes with her any more, is up for the challenge. Who else wants to join?!

The Challenge: Who ever loses the largest percent of their body weight by the end of January WINS! What exactly is the prize…I am not sure…but something really, really fun. AND we will have weekly prizes too.
As an example:
I am hoping to lose 10% of my bodyweight—which if I did the math correctly would be 14 pounds—but frankly—I would be happy with 5%.
So…if you are up for the challenge—e-mail me at

I do have to warn you…Ms. Seize the Moment is very competitive. She has been known to “accidently” push skinny little vegan women from their perfect “downward squatting dog” poses in yoga class. So if you find there is a rash of mistake pizza deliveries to your house…you need look no further.

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