Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Formula--Body Mass Index!

Okay…Ms. SP Scientist has come up with the formula. Whomever drops down the most in BMI number is the WINNER. There is even a website that you can go to and plug in your height and weight to get your exact BMI#--for those of us who are mathematically challenged…although I think I am the only one who is in this Mensa crowd.

Click Here

Just as an example--right now…my BMI # is 24.3….SO close to the “overweight” zone—but I swear—it is all muscle—plus I am “big boned” from the Swedish side of the family…. I am aiming for a BMI of 22.…so a 2.3 drop in my BMI number will be my goal for the end of January. And of course even a BMI of 23 would be wonderful.

So…no need to give away your actual weight--just send a discreet e-mail to with your present BMI #. I will not open the e-mails until the end of January when you send your new and improved BMI #.

And not to brag…but the Beast and I…Along with Ms. Churchlady, and Ms. Leatherpants all did the Turkey Trot this morning. Granted….Ms. Churchlady and Ms. Leatherpants ran—but hey…5 miles is 5 miles.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Michele said...

I see trouble for myself if ya'll are out running on Thanksgiving.

LazyMom said...

Well...I was WALKING...Got to walk before you can run.

Anonymous said...

the weather was kind of blah on Thanksgiving-- and I prefer walking to trotting anytime.

you are in the healthy range, but 22 sounds good too.