Sunday, November 29, 2009

Shopping with the Tween

I know that my approval of any piece of clothing is the kiss of death—so I try to show no expression when The Beast is making her choices in the dressing room. I try not to encourage her one way or another. I am like a character from the Body Snatcher after my body had has been snatched. I watch and hold my breath, my eyes glaze over—I have only veto power for clothes that look too sexy or that are too expensive.

Of course, I put my mother through the same torture. My only regret is that my mother is not here to witness my pain. She would take SUCH joy in hearing my mall stories. Of course she had several years of my parenting woes to enjoy before she died. She would call up and say like a child eager at story-time—“tell me! Tell me! What did The Beast do today?”

And I would tell her…so many stories I had to entertain my mother with “oh—today, when we were out in public, she would not talk—she would only beep—I am sure it is just a matter of time before special services shows up” Or “She told the whole pre-school how we lost her at IKEA...NOT because SHE wandered off—but because we did—it is so important to confirm with the spouse who is watching the child.” Or “The school had ANOTHER draw your family project and guess what we were happily guzzling in the picture—who could have known that a three year old could draw wine glasses so well.”

Well…I just picked up a bunch of clothes for The Beast from “Santa Claus”—clothes that I would not necessarily buy, but she would. Perhaps she will accept them from a mythical being.


JGH said...

I have a photo of The Beast and Miss E. playing in the snow together at the little German preschool. The Beast is wearing a little black French beret--so I know she must have been brought up with impeccable fashion taste. Back then it was MissE's ambition to have a "beautiful, sparkly dress with pockets". Not an easy order to fill, I found out.

So sad to realize that we're losing any power we once had to direct what they wears. I'm not as good as you are as keeping my mouth shut during the try-ons, tho!

LazyMom said...

Remember when all the girls had ruby slippers? Remember the Wizard of Oz play with the large cast of Dorothys?

I miss the sparkly dress stage. Do you have a sparkly dress with pockets for your little dog? Now THAT would be cute. Looks like you have some shopping to do.

Anonymous said...

fashion for girls--it's crazy.

but they're experimenting and it really doesn't matter much after all -- just relax, say no when you have to, and take LOTS of photos.

when my mom and I shopped together in the days of yore, she let me have a tiny amount of input, so I learned how to choose my fashion battles. (I always wanted to wear all black and she vetoed that, so I wanted black clothing all the more! )

She also asked my opinion on things she tried on, and wouldn't buy anything I disliked. Which helped the situation.

You can win the battles now but still lose the war once they become an adult--who wants a kid who dresses nice now, and then spends her 20s and 30s dressed like a stripper?

LazyMom said...

Good points....but OMG have you seen the Limited clothes for girls--talk about dressing girls like they are going into business for themselves.

The child is a free spirit--even normal clothes become something unusual when she combines them.